Coiffure awards 2020

the pierôt touch


Haute Coiffure and
Couture Ronald Kolk




Coiffure  awards 2020

The Coiffure Award is the hair fashion competition for the best hairdressers in the Netherlands. Our team has won several nominations and “Oscars of the hairdressing trade” in recent years. This year, Maurice, after 5 years of absence, has entered the competition again. Every year, The Coiffure Award is organized by the hairdressing trade magazine “Coiffure”. Maurice Pierôt has been nominated this year for the Men’s Award and the Consumer Award for the prize of best hairdresser.

Maurice Pierôt; “This series is about people in their power of the present. About their chosen self-image, the new individuality that matches their inner beauty. Apart from gender. Expressing personality with authenticity. We have developed new looks that empower the individual. Tailored hairstyles that strengthen you as a person. Themed: “Show your inner rebel ”. The image is black and white, sometimes raw, sometimes emotion, or registering. The series of 8 photos, man and woman, fit together seamlessly.”

The nominations may be in the name of Maurice, but it is the collaboration of his team of barbers and top stylists, renowned photographer Cooper Seijkens, make-up artist Ed Tijssen and stylist Pythia Tarenskeen. 

The jury was impressed by the end result and awarded it not one, but two nominations. “We are very happy, it’s a real boost! Of course you also have to be lucky, the jury simply needs to be attracted to your fashion image. “Due to Corona, the Coiffure Award ceremony has been postponed until May 2021, and only then will the winners be announced. “It is great to compete with my team. To belong to the absolute top”, says proud hair artist Maurice Pierôt.

the Pierôt-touch

Maurice: “This series consists of three parts: the avant-garde series with the Pierôt theme, where art, hair & make-up comes together, a women’s and a men’s series. I wanted to create an image that fits our name and our life. “”

“The famous Pierrot clown has its origins as “Pedrolino” in the Italian folk theater, the “Commedia dell’arte”.
I literally translated the inspiration surrounding the clown Pierrot in my avant-garde series, the women’s and men’s series is more the Pierôt feeling. I think in terms of photography this is the most beautiful series I have ever made.

“In the men’s series we portrayed Pierôt as an entertainer with a strong sense of drama. It’s no coincidence that we selected illusionist Hans Klok – performer par excellence – to be the model in this series. This men’s series contains rock, roughness and toughness, but also the drama of the clown. You see the eye, the closed mouth, the inability to speak, but you can see the emotions – a smile and a tear.”


Together with our team we develop new techniques and let our imagination run wild. With the use of hair work we know how to create images in which hair and make-up becomes art. The synergy of the hairdresser, make-up artist and photographer comes together to create impressive images. Not wearable, but an avant-garde image that appeals to the imagination.

Photography: Allard Honigh, Brenda de Vries, Fleur Koning, Nicolas Guerin.
Styling Ronald Kolk, Pythia Tarenskeen, Linda Friesen

Haute Coiffure and

Couture Ronald Kolk

Couturier Ronald Kolk and Maurice Pierôt are inextricably linked. Their friendship and passion lead to a perfect marriage between Haute Coiffure and Haute Couture.
They inspire each other, which resulted in this special collection.

Photography: Brenda de Vries. Styling: Jeroen Kamphorst. Couture: Ronald Kolk


Pierôt’s hairdressers done hair and make-up for quite a lot of fashion shows and photo shoots. The techniques we use behind the scenes also come into play in our salons. Our experience allows us to change a look in minutes. Below an impression of our work.

Fashion shows

Pierot’s hairdressers are in high demand for fashion shows. They have all the right skills to create any look. They have worked with many great couturiers such as Addy van den Krommenacker, Ronald Kolk, Sheila de Vries, Paul Schulte, Frans Molenaar, Isabel Kristensen, JeanCharles de Castelbajac and many more.