Corona News.
Maurice Pierôt

Pierôt is ready to welcome you back in our salons and barbershop in both Haarlem and Amsterdam. We do everything we can to provide you with the service you have come to expect from us, but for the time being with this modified protocol.

The Corona virus spreads through human contact. It is mainly spread by large groups of people who come together. As long as you do not enter a crowded space, you keep the risk of contamination to a minimum. Therefore, we keep a sufficient distance between the clients in the salon. We preferably try to spread the customers as much as possible, so that everyone is safe with us. Our salon adheres strictly to the RIVM regulations and goes even further than the even stricter ANKO recommendations.

We ask our clients upon arrival to hang their own coats and disinfect and wash their hands. We also do this after every treatment and we disinfect the chair and dresser after every visit. We use capes only once and wash them immediately. An urgent request; Only go to a hairdresser if you do not belong to the high-risk group. For your health and that of our team, we reserve the right to monitor for fever. Upon observation of fever, we trust that the appointment will be postponed to another time, for all of our safety. Of course, we hope that everyone who reads this will remain in good health.