Maurice Pierôt

Do you want the perfect eyebrow? Then you’ve come to the right place. Team Pierôt is ready to give you an Anastasia Brow Treatment! But who is Anastasia?

Many may not know her, but Anastasia is thé brow stylist of the Hollywood celebrities. She creates the picture-perfect looks of Madonna, Penelope Cruz, and Kim Kardashian, among others. She is therefore seen as a guru in the field of eyebrows. She is a self-made businesswoman who opened her first eyebrow salon in Beverly Hills more than 15 years ago. We visited her in the salon in Hollywood and have been a fan of her method ever since. In this link, you can see how Daniëlla Pierôt gets her first treatment from Anastasia herself.

In the meantime, her concept has become a great success all over the world. This also means that she sets the trends in eyebrows and has a complete range of eyebrow products on the market. She recently expanded this with an extensive make-up range that we use in our salons.

The perfect eyebrow

The perfect eyebrow has nothing to do with a specific style or trend, but everything with your own face. Anastasia’s method looks at the so-called “golden ratio”. We base the perfect eyebrow on the basis of universal proportions in the face. These proportions have been elaborated by Anastasia into 5 different stencils. We take three simple measuring points in your face to determine which stencil is best for your face shape.

The treatment:

During an eyebrow treatment, the eyebrows are fully treated, this includes a wax treatment. First, we determine the exact position of your eyebrows, using the Golden Ratio method. Then we use so-called Brow powder with which we color the appropriate template. All hairs that fall outside the lines are waxed and the excess hairs in the eyebrows are gently plucked and trimmed. For the finishing touch, we fix and accentuate your eyebrows with, for example, a Brow Gel or Highlighter.

We also sell many eyebrow and make-up products from the Anastasia line. We are happy to advise you which products are best for you and how you can use these products at home.

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