My visit to the best hairdresser in Amsterdam

After one and a half years of hair drama, the moment has finally arrived! A new hairstyle! An exciting adventure. I have quite a few years of hairdressing salon experience! This has not always gone well. The low point was the creation of a pleather brush! Small trauma though! But today things are going to be all right, because my daughter and I are going to Pierôt. According to her, the best hairdresser in Amsterdam!

And then? Do we see it right? The red carpet has been rolled out! Wow, what a royal reception. Max is going to take care of me, I mean my hair! Because the grey hairs are already quite visible, my wish is to turn my own ugly grey into something beautiful. I take Max’s advice to heart, to turn it into a beautiful grey look! Passionately he gets to work as if he was painting a picture. I am listening! First “Metal Detox”, Rootshade with a slightly darker base, then highlights to break up the base for more depth. Then a toner, “no, not from the photocopier”, but to make the highlights as shafty as possible. This is technical jargon, not mine, but I have full confidence in what Max does. And then rinse!

I hear “beautiful, beautiful” all around me! I am very curious, but of course I can’t see nothing, because I am lying in the sink, staring at the ceiling! Then the scissors come out out,a pain point. But my daughter is sitting next to them and asks Max if he won’t cut it too short? No, he doesn’t. He gracefully goes through my hair with the scissors. And then the final piece, blow-drying. Now the result appears. I look in the mirror in amazement. It’s really fantastic. A fine piece of craftsmanship. He has completely fulfilled my wish of having my hair coloured and my own grey blended as naturally as possible for a naturally beautiful new look with not too much length missing.

Pleased with my new haircut, I leave the salon on the red carpet with a satisfied daughter. Thanks Max from the best hair salon @pierotamsterdam, Van Bearlestraat in Amsterdam. See you in a few weeks! And a tip for every woman, go to Pierôt if you like beautiful hair. If you can’t make it in Amsterdam, there is still the salon in Haarlem where you can go!

Elly Roorda.